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Dinner at Nanna's


When you go to Nanna's you can be assured of a few things:

1. The house will smell wonderful.

2. There will be fresh flowers.

3. And seasonally appropriate decorations.

4. Papa Duke will greet you with a hug and a huge smile.

5. Nanna will be in the kitchen, and she will want to feed you.

6. You will never leave hungry. EVER.

7. There's an 80% chance there will be homemade treats.

8. You will be treated like the most important and special guest.
9. Whipping cream is always available to top your hot beverage.
10. You won't want to leave. And Nanna won't want you to either. Which is why you will stay longer than you planned. EVERY SINGLE TIME.


  1. So true! We have the best Nanna!

  2. You do have the best Nanna ever. If anyone disagrees, well, they have a right to be wrong :)

  3. I love your Nanna too. I think I want in on a prolonged afternoon visit. What a treasure.

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  5. Thanks Jodi for those loving compliments.. We are blessed the most when you and your family come for a visit, because you bring so much love with you. Thanks for loving us. Nanna & Grandpa Duke