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Awkward & Awesome Thursday - the hunting edition


Awesome: When your husband gets to go on his dream elk hunt on a private ranch in Wyoming.

Awkward: When you go around telling people he's in Montana all week because, you don't know why. Apparently you are very confused.

Awesome: When your husband texts after being gone a week to say he's on his way home... a day early! Happy hearts and rainbows & sunshine!

Awkward: when you get on facebook and see the picture of your husband on his way home, posted by his hunting buddy who's with him, that shows the elk your husband shot... in the back seat.

This is disturbing on so, sooooo many levels. (There is a tarp underneath. BUT STILL.)

Awesome: When you can finally stay home alone for a whole week when your husband is gone without having to go sleep at your parents.

Awkward: When the reason is because you have children who are no longer babies and who will take turns sleeping in your bed with you. Obviously that can't last forever. Which means they need to stop growing and never move out.

Sorry children, but your mother has spoken.

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