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Tuesday Thoughts & Things


- I will forever love American Idol, but The Voice is growing on me. Really growing on me. I love the judge line up this year! Our whole family is enjoying watching it together... although I'm not sure Blake is really focusing; after one really good performance he turned to me and said, "Mom, I really want to ride a cow... or a sheep."


- Our grapes are finally ripe and ready to harvest for juicing so I unearthed all my canning jars & bottles yesterday, washed and prepared them, and then just as I was about to head outside to start cutting and filling my buckets with grapes, it started to rain. Obviously I took a nap instead.

- My cooking mojo is back! That is, my desire to make home cooked meals for my family. My skill however, seems a little shaky. Last night I overcooked the chicken breasts so badly that Russ and I could only chew our way through half of them before giving up and tossing them in the garbage. (The kids didn't seem to notice, God bless them.)

So what I'm saying is, life seems to have returned to normal pretty quickly ;)

{Don't be alarmed by the giant bow eating my face... it's just my apron.}

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