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Monday Confessional


Last Friday night I attended a women's event at our church that was a fun kick off to the new year of women's bible study starting this week. Even though I'd had a super full week (read:chaotic) and was pretty tired by the time 7pm rolled around, I was still excited to go, and had a wonderful time. (Dessert was involved, woot woot!)

I tried not to stay too long chatting afterwards so I could come home and watch a movie with my husband, so quite a handful of ladies were still there when I left... which is unfortunate because they all became witnesses to what happened next.

Which is that no sooner had I pulled into the driveway back home, when Beth, one of the event coordinators, called and asked if I'd remembered that I'd brought my son Blake with me? And that he was still in the babysitting room waiting to be picked up?


I'd forgotten that completely.

I will not lie, the first words out of my mouth were: "Beth! Don't tell ANYONE!", as I swerved into a u-turn and zipped back towards our church. But she laughingly replied, "It's too late! I went around asking everyone where you were and no one could find you!"

And thus, it was with great shame and embarrassment that I returned to pick up my son, with many a laughing friend waiting to tease me in the church foyer (most especially the one who I had just told, not a half hour earlier, that I had never left a child behind before! Of ALL the things to happen!!)

Someone (Ahem... Carolyn!) even put a picture on facebook:
{Captioned: "Who is this child. .. he sure is cute!"}

(Don't you all wish you had kind and compassionate friends like me? ;)

So yeah. It's gonna take a while to live this one down, folks.

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