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Hey, Monday!


I love a fresh new week! Especially when I'm finally back to my regular work schedule (which only includes one job) and feel all, "FREEEEEEDOM!" inside! Guys, I even made plum sauce this weekend. AND CLEANED.

It was a fun weekend. Russ and Cooper were gone hunting so it was just me, Kendall and Blake, and this meant no cooking, shakes from Big Burger, a girls-only game night, and a sleepover at Grandmas! (It also meant I had no chair for Blake's Saturday morning soccer game because Russ took them all, along with my umbrella. It was a sad, soggy Saturday morning, folks.)

(Russell would probably like me to clarify that he did not "pack" my umbrella for hunting, it was just in the vehicle that he took.)

When the boys returned yesterday afternoon my joy at seeing them again was only slightly overtaken with horror at the sight of Cooper's face:
Poor kid was stung on the face three times by a yellow jacket out in the woods, and this is what it looked like by DAY 3. All I wanted to do was hold and cuddle him! (And stare at him. Literally, I can not stop staring... he looks soooo funny.)

Apparently it didn't phase him too much though, or diminish the fun of the trip in his eyes, so we had a fun family evening catching up and hearing their camp tales & stories. 

And now that I'm only working outside the home two days a week again, I may just feel magnanimous enough to do their camp laundry! 

It's going to be a good week :)

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