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Happy Campers


Our last hurrah of summer was our church family camp at Foster Lake down in Sweethome, Oregon, over the labor Day weekend. It was a perfect end of summer trip, filled with boating, tubing, jet skiing, volleyball, bike rides, swimming, s'mores, games, and lots and lots of visiting around campfires.

My birthday was on Saturday and all day long friends and family kept bringing me gifts of chocolate... filling my love tank to overflowing :) We arrived home yesterday tired and sore (okay, maybe I was the only sore one... my thighs have never death-gripped a jet ski seat before!), and tomorrow is already back to school.... waaaaaaahhhh!
{Our home away from home - worked great and stayed dry in the rain storm we had one of the days there.}

{Blake learned to long board and hogged our friend Kurt's skateboard all weekend.}

{My daddy and me on my birthday.}

{Birthday flowers from my beloved Annie - she's been interning at a wedding florists' all summer and came down Saturday night with a special delivery - gorgeous, right?!}

{Coming back into shore after a fun and crazy ride, including a capsize in front of our whole church crowd. We all fell in just fine, it was the getting back on that was a bit awkward!}

{My boys}

{Kendall and friends waiting for their turn to go tubing.}

{Cooper's road rash from a gnarly bike spill earlier that morning. Ouch!}

{And little Lincoln, the youngest fella at camp at a mere 4 weeks old!}

Our whole family is already looking forward to camp next year, and almost all of our family is looking forward to school tomorrow.

(I'll be the one in the corner crying over the end of summer.)


  1. Yes, the end of summer is NOT making me happy either. I guess all things must come to an end though!

    Great photos...looks like you all had a blast. I always had trouble getting on jet skis too. It's just awkward!

  2. Great pics Jod, - think that's the first one of Lincoln with his eyes open ...nice work :D