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End of the Weekend Photo Dump


Snapshots from the cell phone...

Saturday morning soccer has begun. I was lamenting the fact that we won't be able to sleep in until November when my sister kindly reminded me that straight after soccer is Saturday morning basketball... so actually no more sleeping in till January. Then I went into a depression.

Jana and I were out shopping last Saturday when we ran into our favorite mother/daughter duo of Amy & Angey. This called for a two-hour-long lunch break at the Olive Garden because, breadsticks. And it was the most fun two hours I've had in quite a while. Sooooo much laughing :) 
While out shopping I decided to use my Target birthday giftcard on a new toaster, which I knew was sad and possibly old-ladyish, but really I was all, Yay! A new toaster!! Woohooo!

My newest Costco discovery of yumminess. Those darned sample tables strike again! 

Enjoying a beautiful day and a much overdue lunch date at C'est La Vie cafe, with the ever-lovely Sairaina. I am continually blessed and encouraged by our friendship. She is a gift.

Speaking of gifts... this immaculate mini fridge with a stainless steel front was just sitting on the side of the road with a "free" sign on it. A gift from God? We sure thought so! (Perfect for the shop and family camp next summer.) And then we brought it home and plugged it in. Lights came on, it turned on and started humming, but two hours later it was still not cold. Hmmmm. We are hoping it's a super easy and cheap fix, and if not, hey, for free it was worth a shot!

Saturday night was date night, and as an added bonus we spent almost an hour in Barnes & Nobles bookstore while waiting for our movie. I found this heavenly, although I laughed at myself when I realized I used up most of the time browsing all the bibles, when I have three at home! (I don't know why, all the pretty leather covers just drew me in and I needed to inspect them all?)

And yesterday afternoon was spent at the most delightful surprise garden tea party for my friend Therese, thrown by her three beautiful daughters. Perfect end to the weekend. 

(Those daughters... they did an amazing job! The food, music, and decorations were TOP NOTCH. Well done, little Lews!)

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