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End of Summer Friday Photo Dump


What we have here is a whole pile of instagram shots taken over the summer that I never got around to "blog dumping" at the end of each week.

I have now determined that I will not feel complete until I get them on here, because you know I will eventually get around to printing my blog into a book for my family, and without these included there will be MISSING PEICES OF OUR LIVES that won't capture important things like the nine thousand pictures I took of my coffee drinks.

So there's the intro. Will it help if I make the pictures more compact? With less words? Like, barely any?

(The first week of school has been okay, by the way. I know you were worried about me with all my crying and mourning and such.)
1. Pool swimming. LOTS of it this summer.
2. Homemade strawberry shortcake & whipping cream. I'M FANCY.
3. Meeting up with Jana at the pool so we can do some dubious supervising while rehashing So You Think You Can Dance.
4. Enjoying a little concert in the park with Blake while big brother's at Royal Rangers.
5. Kendall's sketches.
6. My parents garden, aka: my favorite summer market.

1. I indulged in several of these this summer... Nutty Coconut on a sugar cone. YUM.
2. Miley feelin' the summer breeze.
3. Russ & Kendall out on a daddy-daughter date.
4. Fishy catchin' at the river.
5. The Music Man broadway show with girlfriends!
6. Russ brought this teeter-totter home (I call it a see-saw but am a bone on my own). It's been QUITE the hit. 

1. Date night at the Markum Inn. Little did we know a month later it would burn down. So sad!
2 & 3. A Black Rock coffee drive-thru goes in around the corner from my work and I become a big fan.
5. Mum and I arriving at the hospital for my nephew's birth. Priorities.
6. Enjoying our new deck. And an iced white mocha, of course. 

1. Reunited with one of my best friends from highschool after 10 years! One of my favorite days of the whole summer.
2. The new deck almost complete!
3. Jana and I at the pool again, this time accidentally dressed as twins.
4. The face of concentration.
5. Taking Kendall for a shopping spree for her 13th birthday.
6. And then dismayed at her lack of stamina! There's no sleeping on a shopping spree!

1. Forgetting my husband's birthday till the day of, and saving the day with a banner & trail cameras :)
2. More fishy catchin' at the river, this time by a crawdad!
3. When the lego magazine arrives and all is quiet and at peace in the world.
4. First day of school! 8th, 1st, and 6th grade, respectively.
5. Documenting my first professional manicure EVVVERRRRRR. Shellac is my new love.
6. Adorable birthday rainboots from my sister... now how can a girl get some rain around these parts?


  1. Kendall's sketches are amazing and so are those rainboots!

    1. Thanks, Angie! Can't wait to wear the boots!

  2. How did I miss the fact that the Markum Inn burnt down?! That is so sad

    1. Yes, very sad. New owner had put so much work into it!

  3. just in case you're interested ... I had looked into a few options when I decided I didn't want to repeat all my instagram photos on my blog (mostly because, I barely blog anymore, sob) ... anyway, I knew that they would get covered if I continue to have my facebook printed - BUT recently I discovered chatbooks! I ordered one and was quite surprised with the quality! it's an app (they also have an instagram page you could check out)!!!

    1. Sasha I somehow just now saw this comment, thank you for the info... gonna check it out!