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What I Wore Wednesday


Technically it's still Wednesday... I'm barely gonna make it though!
Here are the few outfits I wore this past week (and actually had time to take a picture of).
It's been a wee bit hectic!

No. 1
Target top, Silver jeans, Target flats

No. 2
thrifted top, Banana Republic jeans, Rue21 sandals

No. 3
Old Navy tee, Dress Barn maxi skirt, Ross sandals

Pretty simple week! Have a great rest of yours :)

pleated poppy


  1. Great looks! I especially love the white top paired with the maxi. You're blog is amazing! So glad I found it.

    I'd love if you checked mine out :)

  2. Simple is good! Do you have any tips for thrifting for clothing. I buy home accessories all the time, and I am ready to try clothing.

    1. I sure do have some tips!
      No 1: don't try to peruse the whole store (unless it's tiny), instead chose two sections to check out like shoes & jeans, etc. That way it won't be so overwhelming.
      No. 2: Go often and don't be discouraged if you leave empty handed - thrifting is very hit & miss.
      No. 3: Don't pay too much attention to the size. If it looks like it might fit, try it on. with so many different brands, the size guides vary greatly.
      No. 4: Be choosy... I don't buy anything that needs fixing, has a stain, or is too worn.
      If you keep on trying you'll find your thrifted items are adding up and you'll have some awesome finds/deals among them!

  3. Thanks! I went out & tried on 8 items in two shops. I didn't buy anything, but I am encouraged to try again.