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The Lakehouse {2014}


This past weekend took us back to the Lake House in Pacific City for another annual Halverson family getaway - the most precious of all our summer trips. The cousins are all still living at home and we know it won't be too many more years now before things change as the oldest head off to college/get married/start families of their own.


It was a wonderful trip, and like every other year, I didn't want our time together to end!

This year will be remembered for:
- NON-STOP Settlers of Catan by all the boy cousins (whenever they weren't in the lake)
- an ACTUAL sunny and warm day at Cape Kiwanda! (with no fog! Miracle!)
- kayaking and swimming and fishing galore
- Qwirkle madness
- home movie watching
- my father-in-law's amazing fish feast
- my mother-in-law's amazing white chili that was, in retrospect, although the best chili I've EVER eaten, perhaps not the wisest dinner choice for a group of 20 people staying in one house together. Ahem.

It will also be remembered for hearing the sad news of a very dear family friend's death, and relishing our time together even more because of it, though we mourn his loss deeply.

(Multiple pictures ahead. Stick it out for my very favorite at the end!)

{All the cousins} 
{Ben & Miranda are going to be seniors in high school this fall. Don't leave us, Ben & Mandy!} 

{Us in our entirety!}

{I wasn't kidding, right?}

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