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The kindle.. aka "where to find me"


It's not quite my birthday yet, but Russ bought my present already: a kindle paperwhite to replace my dearly beloved old keyboard style kindle that broke forever back in March of this year (may it rest in peace.)

After 5 days of use I am now here to sing of my eternal and everlasting love of the paperwhite and all it's many virtues, and to also tell you: don't bother me.

I'm busy.


Reading everywhere, because it's so darn small & light, reading for long spells, because there's no glowing LED screen, and most importantly, reading in the dark, with a built-in adjustable light that is super easy on the eyes and doesn't change the battery life of EIGHT FREAKING WEEKS.

(Changed my life, people. Also, my sleeping habits ;)

I could go on and on but this isn't a paid review or anything, I just really love the thing, and I really love my husband, who was so obliging as to get it for me early and give it to me right away because I could wait NO LONGER, DEAR SIR!

That is all.

For the love of reading,

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