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No. 4 (vacation)


Vacation number four of the summer is in the bag.
Last Thursday we headed to Sunriver with our friends the Haddens for five glorious days of Eastern Oregon sunshine and relaxation. Coming home today (Monday night) was hard... I get the "going home blues" whenever trips are over and I especially didn't want this one to be over.

So now I'm going to relive it through pictures! So many pictures! 

(Truly. I'm sorry about all the pictures.)

So Sunriver has the best water park, and the house we rented came with passes we could use daily, and also happened to be a two minute bike ride away, so off we went every day to bask in the sun, float in the lazy river, and water slide, etc. to our hearts content. I read a whole book there. A WHOLE book. 

Friday night we went to the outdoor movie in the park. It was the Princess Bride! Obviously the night was magical. 

My parents and grandparents just happened to be in Bend (20 minutes away) for a little getaway so came over to join us. This thrilled me to NO END. It was so fun to enjoy one of our family faves with them. 

Our trip also included meals and hot tubbing on the back deck...

bike rides to Fort Rock Park...

ice cream visits at Goody's...

And a good old fashioned street dance party in the Village. (Seriously, Sunriver is 100% awesome.)

 {Emily & Blake getting down}

Even Walter, TJ & Jana's dog, got to join in!

On the way home today we stopped in the town of Sisters for a late lunch and discovered the Depot Deli Cafe. I would like to move into their outdoor eating area, it was that cute. 

And the food wasn't too shabby either. 

And can you believe I'm going to stop the pictures there?! (You're welcome ;)

This was our 5th (I think?) year going to Sunriver with TJ & Jana and their kids and every single year we wish we could stay longer. Here's crossing my fingers for 2015!


  1. What an awesome place!!!
    Looks like a wonderful vacation
    I totally get the blues when vacation is over. Escaping reality for awhile is nice, it just doesn't last long enough

  2. A fun recap, I really want to spend some time there now, what an amazing place, loved the pic of Kendall, Thanks for having us, we absolutely loved it..I'm sure it's on the top of the list of the most memorable moments of your Grandparents trip. Love you.