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Four Generations


Today I am thankful for the precious memories made in the past month while my grandparents have been here from New Zealand.

I'm thankful for the strong heritage of faith that has been handed down through generations.

I'm thankful for the relationship my children have with their great-grandparents, one that they will be able to remember into adulthood.

And I'm thankful for my sweet, kind, and lovely Grandma, the truest epitome of a lady you will ever meet.

(Kendall felt all kinds of special today, being the first great-grandchild, first grandchild, and only granddaughter on my side of the family. It's only fair then that she got her hazel eyes from her Grandma and Granny, instead of from me :)


  1. I'm so sappy and she'd a little tear. I love each of ladies dearly. Individually, you are you the sweetest gals I know. Collectively, you are a family to be admired. Big hugs to you all.

    1. And hugs to you in return, dear friend.

  2. Beautiful inside and out. So glad to know you... and be related to you!!!

  3. What a beautiful group of ladies!

  4. Thanks Jod, these are photos to cherish and a beautiful tribute that touched your Grandma's heart.