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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


Awkward: When you're put in charge of making the church bulletin while your sister (graphic designer extraordinaire) is on maternity leave, and it takes you a painstakingly slow 3 1/2 hours to complete it, including no less than SIX calls to said sister for over-the-phone guidance. Printmaster ain't for no fools, folks.

Awesome: Being related by blood to the person whose job you're filling in for, so that you can call for help six times in one day if you need to, and you don't have to feel guilty about it.

Awkward: When you drive to your regular job, the one 25 minutes from home, only to discover you left not only your entire purse at home, but more importantly, the key to your locked office that's inside your purse. EMPLOYEE FAIL.

Awesome: When you call your boss and find out she is oh-so-conveniently only a three minute drive away, and has a key for you to use. GAS SAVER.

Awkward: Discovering that temporarily going from working two days a week to three is all that it takes for your house to fall into all-out disarray, mayhem, and madness. Madness, I say! (This is embarrassing because, guys, it's still only three days a week. Sheesh.)

Awesome: Husbands who email you out of the blue with these kind (if not slightly humorous) words: "tonight I'm going to boss the kids around in helping with some cleaning around the house. With you having to work a little more with your sister gone, it’s too hard for you to keep up with the house on your own. Them and...I...mostly them, should help." Well hallelujah to that! 

(Not that our kids don't have regular chores and help out, they do, but apparently I have still been doing the lion's share... and by the looks of things, am the only one who cares about cleanliness and order of any sort.)

Awkward: Planning the majority of your summer trips for back-to-back extended weekends because the dates just worked out that way, and belatedly realizing you won't be at church for a whole month. AND THEN GOING TO WORK FOR THE SENIOR PASTOR. 

Awesome: Back-to-back trips that make you feel like you're away on vacation all summer long! Woohooo, Summer!  
(I guess I'll work on feeling more guilty later ;)

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