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A Packing Party


What do you do when your sister is 9 months pregnant and moving to a new house four days before she's scheduled to be induced?

You throw her a diaper shower/packing party and invite everyone to come help pack up her house in one fell swoop, is what you do!

Can you even believe the number of ladies who showed up and delivered?! Not only did Kelly get enough diapers and wipes to last her for the first few months of baby's life, but she got her whole house packed in 45 minutes FLAT. 

It was craaazy amazing.

Even our Grandma all the way from New Zealand was there... with precious hand knitted sweaters in a beautiful pale blue. (So talented, Grandma!)

Everyone split up in rooms and all Kelly had to do was waddle walk through to give quick directions. And besides Christine's wee finger, no one was harmed in this astounding feat ;)

I love my sister and I love how successful the night was. Kelly and Dave were soooo grateful and it made me so happy to see them blessed in such a practical way. 

What I also love?
The view from their new back deck. 

WHICH, BY THE WAY... is only 2.6 miles from my deck!

Life is good, folks :)


  1. That's awesome Jod, a very "God" idea which was executed perfectly. Great pics.

  2. I wish I could have been in two places at once. It so nice to see Kelly helped...oh and Dave too. lol

  3. CAROL - Oh wow Jodi, who would have ever thought of doing such a caring thing for Kelly..... you did, you're an amazing young woman.