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Happy almost Fourth!


The festivities have already begun so I'm saying adios to the ol' blog until after the weekend!

The fourth of July is soooo close to being my favorite holiday (nothing quite beats Christmas), I just love it so much and I'm sure I'll be back with tales of glory and splendor (ie: the massive elephant ear I ate at the rodeo and just how amazing it really was.)

To take me out, here are a couple of pics from the last couple of evenings that sum up how we've been enjoying July so far...
^^swimming in the river behind our house on an almost 100 degree day^^

^^sky gazing with my honey^^
^^brothers riding in the kiddie parade^^

^^how farmer Blake takes himself swimming on a hot night^^

1 comment:

  1. Happy 4th of July !!!!.. And role on Summer are loved more than any other season.