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Happy 7th of July!


Just doesn't have that same ring to it, does it?

Yes. Our Fourth was awesome, thank you very much. And it was followed by a super-mellow Saturday, fun fellowship with friends after church yesterday and, for certain male members of my family, an after-dark pond bullfrog hunt last night.

I'm afraid to say I don't have any pictures of that.

I'm even more afraid to tell you there are now skinned frog legs sitting in my refrigerator.


But back to the Fourth. Please enjoy this brief photographic tour of our day!

(Actually our celebrations started the evening of the 3rd at the Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo.)
We went with Erik (Russ's brother) and Tricia and their family and all together probably consumed more than $80.00 worth of carnival food. We chose not to think about that though as we enjoyed our elephant ears and strawberry lemonade and fry bricks, corn dogs, slushies, and cotton candy. (Rodeo only comes to town once a year, folks.)

Kendall and I looking as close to cowgirls as we ever will. We try. 

 And on to the Fourth, aka parade & BBQ day!

 This guy rode on a "float" for the local pool with his Grandma, tossed beach balls to the crowd, yelled, "happy 4th of July!" to everyone, and was generally cute and awesome at his job. It was weird not to have him watching with us though!

Next up was a barbeque at my parents, where friends and relatives managed to be very color-coordinated in their patriotism. Good times.

And after that, we drove to some friends for ANOTHER barbeque, this time with lots of friends and fireworks involved.

 Cousins + sparklers = fun for all. Until the sparklers run low. Then it's every man for himself!

And at the end of the night we had to say it was a pretty fabulous Fourth!

(Little did I know I would soon be dealing with frog legs in my fridge.)

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