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An ode to a boy


He thinks a lot.
He worries too much.
He is kind, oh so kind. (Except to his brother and sister. Obviously they are exempt ;)
He embarrasses easily.
And when he's not embarrassed, he's worrying about getting embarrassed.
(Sometimes it makes me want to embarrass him just to help him get a tougher skin! ;)
He is polite and thoughtful.
And a hard worker, especially when getting paid.
He comes out of his shell and is loud and obnoxious and hilarious when comfortable with those he's around.
He is SMART. Way too smart.
And talented. I can't wait to see how far he goes.
He is funny.
He LOVES Jesus and is growing in Him in new ways.
He is proper. Literal. Analytical. Naturally pessimistic. Sarcastic. Deep.
And sweet. He is the sweetest.
He is the reason we have a poster in our bathroom called, "How to Care for your Introvert".
He is the opposite of me in every way you could imagine.
He stretches me (sometimes to my limits!)
He is my favorite.
He is LOVED.


  1. Very good. We love that boy. Papa

  2. I love this boy too! Add to the list exceptional artist, budding scientist and the cutest nose-wrinkler...especially when he thinks something is funny. And yes he's very kind... especially to his cousins. No wonder Hayden and Elijah love him so!