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What I Wore Wednesday


Slim pickins' again this week, thanks to a four day camping trip in which I wore the same pair of yoga capris and running shorts for two days each.

(Camping = a lazy dresser's heaven.)

Anyhow... three outfits happened before/after the camping trip and while not astounding in any way, I am contractually obligated to share them per my made up blogging rules that I follow very strictly.

No 1. 
Target sweatshirt (it's shiny!), Silver jeans, Converse tennies

No. 2 
Liz Claiborne blouse (thrifted), American Eagle jeans (thrifted), Ross sandals

No. 3 
Maurice's tank top, American Eagle jeans (again), Madden Girl sandals

And that's that! I'm just enjoying summer so much this year and don't want it to end. 
Is anyone with me? (I know how much we all love Fall, most everybody in the world besides me...)

pleated poppy

An ode to a boy


He thinks a lot.
He worries too much.
He is kind, oh so kind. (Except to his brother and sister. Obviously they are exempt ;)
He embarrasses easily.
And when he's not embarrassed, he's worrying about getting embarrassed.
(Sometimes it makes me want to embarrass him just to help him get a tougher skin! ;)
He is polite and thoughtful.
And a hard worker, especially when getting paid.
He comes out of his shell and is loud and obnoxious and hilarious when comfortable with those he's around.
He is SMART. Way too smart.
And talented. I can't wait to see how far he goes.
He is funny.
He LOVES Jesus and is growing in Him in new ways.
He is proper. Literal. Analytical. Naturally pessimistic. Sarcastic. Deep.
And sweet. He is the sweetest.
He is the reason we have a poster in our bathroom called, "How to Care for your Introvert".
He is the opposite of me in every way you could imagine.
He stretches me (sometimes to my limits!)
He is my favorite.
He is LOVED.

The camping trip


Yesterday we arrived back home after a happy four days spent camping with friends at Honeyman State Park in Florence, Oregon.

It's a GORGEOUS campground. And we had equally gorgeous weather, and it was all pretty much top-notch as far as fun and family shenanigans go. Games, swimming, biking, s'mores around the campfire, trips for ice cream, laughing till we cried, CHECK.

The only weird thing was that we were missing Cooper, who was off having fun at 5/6th grade kids camp up on Mt. Hood. Boy, did we miss him! Russ and I mentioned it at least once a day... it's just not the same without Cooper! Word on the street is that he had a pretty fantastic time though and got by juuuuust fine without us ;)

And now for some pictures!

^^My girl Valerie. We have about 3000 things in common (perhaps most importantly, our love of the game nerts and our deep aversion to unnecessary cleaning ;) We get along like a house on fire.^^
^^The clown car shot^^
^^This shot sums up the weekend pretty well^^

We only met Shawn and Valerie last Fall, when they coached Blake in soccer. Some people are just extra easy to become fast friends with though, and it wasn't long before Shawn and Russ were planning hunting trips together, we were getting together for meals, and next thing you know, we're camping together for four days and playing board games like "Spouse-ology" together (highly recommend).

There's nothing better than new friends that feel like old friends. 

(Except maybe reuniting with your 11-year-old after being apart for 4 days and then every single family member taking wiped-out naps when you're all home ;)

What I Wore Wednesday


No. 1
Target dress, Ross scarf, Rue 21 sandals

No. 2 
Loft sweater, Loft blouse, American Eagle jeans, Famous Footwear wedges

No. 3 
Ross top, cut-off jeans, Target sandals, Fred Meyers necklace

No. 4 
Shade Clothing dress, Target sandals, scarf from a ladies scarf exchange 

No. 5 
Old Navy blouse, Silver jeans, Ross sandals
(I will seriously cry when this blouse gets too worn to wear - it's my favorite)

Happy Wednesday! (even if it's raining cats and dogs outside like it is here!)

pleated poppy



Wilson Family Reunion 2014

I can't even tell you what a great weekend it was.

But I will tell you this: family is so important!

This weekend was the first time in 9 years that my dad and his 4 siblings had all been together, and we didn't waste that opportunity. Sunday afternoon we all gathered at my Aunt and Uncle's and just spent time together (mainly eating, because as a family unit, we are pretty darned good in the kitchen), and it was just all so fantastic.

There was even entertainment!
Earl and his brother Earl, the long lost Wilson brothers ;)

It made my heart so happy to see my Nanna surrounded by all five of her children, ten of her grandkids, twelve great-grandkids, and one great-great grandchild. There were many happy tears :)

And then yesterday my Grandma and Granddad (my Mum's parents), arrived from New Zealand for the first time in four years! Reunions everywhere!

Since it was also my dad's birthday, we hijacked their drive home from the airport with a surprise visit at Shari's restaurant to give him some birthday love and my grandparents some, "we missed you!" love :)

And to top it off, today one of my oldest and closest girlfriends from high school is visiting me from Arkansas, along with her husband and two kids, and I am giddy-excited. We haven't seen each other in probably almost ten years!

Reunions are so my favorite :)

Wonder Mum


My mother, Miss hike-the-entire-Pacific-Crest-Trail (from Mexico to Canada) SOLO, has now decided to train to bike across the States from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean next summer with a friend. 

Before last weekend she hadn't ridden more than 45 miles in a day. But that didn't stop her from attempting the STP ride (Seattle, WA to Portland, OR), a 200 mile ride over two days, and not only did she complete it, but she did it in awesome time! 

So you understand, of course, why I obviously must brag about her. 

Aaaaannnddd, she's a cutie-patootie!

Dear mother, friend, shopping partner-in-crime,
and laugher at all my shenanigans and mishaps:
I'm so, so, SO proud to call you my mother.
Ride on!

What I Wore Wednesday


How to explain my absence for the past week?

Two words: BOOK BINGE.

Between working, playing at the river, attempting to mow the yard myself again (more successful this time, with the exception of one sliiight dislodging of our picnic table from it's cement base), and running kids around from here to kingdom come, I have managed to read four books in the past week.

It's been quite heavenly.

And look, I also go dressed! Multi-tasking, people!

No. 1
thrifted Liz Claiborne blouse, clothes swap Old Navy skirt, Rue 21 sandals

No. 2
Maurices shirt, thrifted Target dress, Famous Footwear wedges

No. 3
thrifted Decree top, Silver jeans, Converse Shorelines

No. 4 
Ross top, thrifted Gap skirt, Old Navy belt, American Eagle sandals

(chopped off head in the last two pics due to non-hair days... as in, wash/air-dry/messy-bun/not-the-cute-kind)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

pleated poppy

Awkward and Awesome Thursday returns


Awkward is going to bed with your husband, coming back out to make sure the kids are all settling in for the night, and your daughter pointing out that your pajama top is now on inside out and backwards.

Note to self: step up your game, your children are becoming too observant.

Awesome is living here and having friends that live on the opposite side.
Aka, we owwn this perfect swimming spot ;)

Awkward is being called outside to help your husband with a tricky part of the deck building process three different times in one evening and all three times getting in a heated argument within approximately 36 seconds.

Note to self: some couples just aren't meant to do carpentry together. EVER.

Awesome is watching instead.

And seeing this...

Turn into this!
(Awesome is also having a skilled husband who loves to do it himself ;)

More deck pics to come as progress continues!

What I Wore Wednesday


No. 1
Fourth of July, baby. 
thrifted target sweater top, jean cut offs, converse shorelines, Target jewelry

No. 2 
Maurice's dress, Target sandals, Walmart necklace

No. 3 
Rodeo up!
Wilco hat, Ross shirt, Big Star jeans, Double H boots

No. 4 
kiddie parade watching
thrifted top, jean cut offs, Ross sandals,  Rue 21 necklace

You'd think with me working and all that I'd have work outfits to share. The problem is, I'm actually wearing workout outfits to work this summer, seeing as that I'm the only one there and there's no air conditioning. 
No ac = running shorts and a racer back tank top, y'all.

Keep cool, peeps!

pleated poppy