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What My children have done so far this summer


You know those cool families who make fun summer to-do lists?

We are not that family. 

Sure, we have some fun trips planned: Pacific City beach weekend, Sunriver vacation, camping in Florence, and family camp at Foster Lake. But beyond that, I basically like to keep my kids' expectations really low so that a spontaneous trip to the park becomes an exciting adventure.

(And so I don't feel pressure to go, go, go, which is the opposite of summer fun in my books.)

(And aaaallso maybe because I'm trying to avoid commitment?)


We are now two weeks into our summer vacation and this is what my kids have been up to so far:

- rented a movie
- rented video games
- visited the library
- gone overnight backpacking with Grandma

- seen a movie at the theaters
- jumped on the trampoline 20+ times a day, every single day
- made flower headbands
- consumed an unhealthy number of snowies (shaved ice) from Cowboy Coffee
- slept over at a friends
- had friends sleep over
- had their hair cut into mohawks while their unsuspecting mother was taking a nap
- gone swimming
- played summer league basketball (Kendall)
- attended basketball camp (Cooper)
- babysat (Kendall)
- played at the park
- played with cousins
- figured out how to ripstik
- and re-learned how to ride a bike
- taught themselves how to play The Office and Downton Abbey theme songs on the piano (Kendall - much to Mom's delight)
- experimented with hairstyles on Mom (also Kendall)

- learned how to deep clean the bathroom
- deep-cleaned their bedrooms
- gone to the dentist
- been sentenced to play in separate rooms for not getting along
- been sentenced to silence for arguing
- been sentenced to sit on their beds for not obeying instructions
- been sentenced to extra chores for not doing their regular chores completely
- been sentenced to bed early for not getting along. AGAIN.
(Just so you can see it's not all fun and games around here...)

- Aaaannnddd... spent a lot of lazy mornings on the couch :)
^^that would be a giant teddy bear rump you see in the foreground^^
I guess we've filled up our time okay, summer list or not.

Onwards, summer!


  1. Sounds like a good time to me!

  2. Wow...all that and you've only just begun ! ( quite a few accomplishments there to boot !.)

  3. Sounds like you all are having a great summer so far! Those mohawks are the cutest!!!

  4. can I just say how amazing I think this is... I have been looking at blogs and everyone's bucket list of things they need to do or want do this summer... and I was feeling all this pressure as a new parent that I wasn't going to measure up as a single full time working mom.... but sometimes its the small stuff that counts. family time. My twin girls are two and right now all they want is to go to the "shwings mama" everyday on our walk home from daycare... all the fancy lists can wait

    1. Exactly! And they don'[t even know what a bucket list is yet! Glad this helped relieve some pressure :) I bet you are doing just awesome.