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The Misadventures of Russell and Jodi - Vol I, Episode 37


Russell and I have this thing about traveling. Some may call it a curse. Some may call it bad luck. Some may call it plain uncanny, the number of times we've broken down, got flat tires, blown tires, had alternators go out, had a transmission go out, been stranded without cell reception, etc. etc. while leaving or coming home from a vacation.

(Russell and I are going with curse. Definitely a curse.)

And so I give you the latest episode: "Russell and Jodi travel to the coast for a little getaway"

Friday June 20th
1:00 pm - leave house at the exact time scheduled... an absolute miracle
1:30 pm - all kids dropped off with respective relatives they are staying with, really leave
1:45 pm - after stopping for coffees, really, really leave
1:50 pm - aaaand we stop. For a yard sale :)
2:50 pm - stop in Salem (an hour from home and 1.5 hours from our destination) for a late lunch at Red Robin
3:45 pm - head to South Salem to see Million Dollar Arm at the movie theaters
4:00 pm - pass theater entrance road 3 times before finding it
4:05 pm - while locking Russ's bag in trunk (due to dubious theater location), discover that Jodi's bag is not in car at all
4:06 pm - brief marital spat over bags absence
4:07 pm - spat over, fault accepted by rightful owner, Jodi graciously forgives Russell
4:10 pm - decide to forge ahead and watch film, and laugh and smile and cry our eyes out. EXCELLENT movie!
6:30 pm - head to Target & Plato's Closet to buy Jodi necessary replacement items for getaway; including toiletries, makeup, sleepwear, and an outfit for Saturday
8:00 pm - leave Salem for Newport, Oregon, a mere 7 HOURS after we left our house.

And from there on out things actually went swimmingly. Very swimmingly :)
the most amazing Irish Pub we ate dinner at in Newport. Russ is already discussing a trip back just for dinner.
my Target/Plato's Closet purchases to avoid a two hour delay if we went back for my bag.
this was Russ's idea and ended up being a pretty fun part of the trip :) (not pictured: sleepwear & clean underwear)
good morning, Newport!
morning coffee on our balcony at the Hallmark Resort. We stayed in the king spa suite and it was abso-freaking amazing.
a late brunch at Cafe Stephanie in Nye Beach
Before finally heading for home at 8:30 pm Saturday night, we managed to wander Newport, shop at the outlets in Lincoln City, eat banana pancakes at Sambo's, stroll on the beach and sit and people watch, search town for a pair of orange Toms (an unsuccessful venture) and watch a second movie; Edge of Tomorrow (another great movie we really enjoyed), even though we didn't leave our hotel room till noon.

Mini-getaways are the bomb. Here's to another successful "misadventure"! 


  1. What a fun adventure! I would have loved shopping for replacement :)

  2. Aaaaand your car didn't break down even once! This trip goes down in the books as a winner!!

  3. Mini Russ left is bike, helmet and shoes behind ..but he managed to kaniver a new pair of footwear out of it...yep, learning the skills he is.

  4. Saw your comment about orange Toms. Go to, there is a sale on Toms today and I think through Thursday.