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The little graduate


Is there anything cuter than putting a cap and gown on a class of five and six year olds?! 

Blake and his cousin Hayden graduated kindergarten last Thursday night and it was the most adorable ceremony you ever did see.

I tried to get a picture of Blake walking in during the processional but I didn't have my flash on so it was too blurry. 

Not to worry... I got this great close up during the recessional as he walked out:

Love, hugs, and gifts from Grandmas and Papas and Great grandparents too. 

And this was just the start of an insanely busy weekend. 

The next night we celebrated our niece Debby at her 8th grade promotion night.

Where my sister-in-law, Tricia, and I accidentally did this:

And yesterday was high school graduation day, where we managed to party hop to FIVE different grad parties! It was kinda crazy. 

At our last stop of the night: our friends' the Nofs.

You know a party's good when there's a dunk tank involved.

It was a really great weekend. 
Congrats, graduates!  


  1. That's awesome, can't believe you made it to 5 parties !! I'm sure there's an award for that kind of support ;D