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Taking stock


Making: healthy meals this week after an over-indulgent grad party hoppin' weekend. (Also bbq pulled pork because we can't all be healthy ALL the time...)
Cooking: summer veggies
Drinking: water, but never enough. Honestly, if it were a graded activity I would flunk every single day. 
Reading: The One Year Mother Daughter Devo with Kendall this year.
Wanting: some orange Toms. Someday!
Looking: forward to the beginning of summer break in T minus just a few more hours!
Playing: Hay Day.
Wasting: time on Hay Day.
Sewing: nothing beyond small hole repairs and buttons because that's a job for my mother ;)
Wishing: I was a gifted interior designer. Or more practically, just passably good at decorating my own house.
Enjoying: the new season of So You Think You Can Dance!
Waiting: for Blake to notice that the M&M's he left out have mysteriously disappeared. 
Liking: my job. Super flexible and low-key and very part time... it's perfect for me.
Wondering: why do my people continue to take their socks off inside out when they KNOW I'm just going to make them come fix them before I will wash them? WHY?!
Loving: the daily emails my Grandma in New Zealand sends to all our family (now spread out in NZ, Australia, Samoa, and Oregon) to keep us all in touch and a part of my grandparents lives. My Grandma has been doing this for YEARS and YEARS and I think it's made the hugest difference in keeping our spread-apart family close.  
Hoping: to finish our deck this month. And to buy a new pool!
Marveling: at the mess the people in my house can make after such a short amount of time when it was just so clean and tidy. Amazing. 
Needing: to weed my flower beds. They are looking pretty abandoned and I feel guilty every time I look at them... and then choose to procrastinate a little longer!
Smelling: ALL the smells that no one else in my house can. Why do mothers' noses work like bloodhounds?
Wearing: workout clothes for comfort more than for exercise.
Following: zero politics. Blech.
Noticing: how tall my daughter is getting... so close to ME. Eeeep!
Knowing: how incredibly blessed we are and how good God is to us.
Thinking: about an iced white mocha... and how delightful it sounds right now. 
Feeling: excited for my sister and brother-in-law who are looking at purchasing some property really close to us! 
Bookmarking: The Office Time Machine. Solid gold, right there. (Raise your hand if you now want to watch the entire series all over again.)
Opening: instagram all day long because it's my favorite.
Giggling: at my husband's text messages to me throughout the day. He's fun ALWAYS.
Feeling: content and loved. 

(Thanks to Sydney for the list idea.)


  1. I love this idea - totally stealing it! ;)

  2. Oh, the forever sock issue! Most of my kids do their own laundry now, but for the few people in my house that I still do it for (uh hum, Erik!) I just wash them inside out and then pair them inside out when they are clean! That's the natural consequence (plus I don't think he even notices:))