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Monday Confessional: you may want to ignore my kind offers


About a month ago I offered to pick up a prenatal prescription in town for my sister since I was headed there for doctor appointments for my sons. We both have Kaiser insurance and can only use Kaiser pharmacies (the closest one being 35 minutes away), so Kelly was happy to take me up on my offer.

Which I unfortunately forgot. Even though I ended up having to pick up a prescription for one of my boys and so was physically at the pharmacy and everything.

Super embarrassing. I was so mortified I drove all the way back into town that evening to get it.

Fast forward to last Thursday. I'm in town grocery shopping and am headed to Costco, where once again I have offered to pick something up for my sister while I'm there; pictures for Father's Day. Kelly, who wised up after the Kaiser debacle, even sent me a text message reminder.

So I'm about to arrive at Costco when Kelly calls. Her prenatal doctor just called her and she needs another prescription, and since Kaiser is only 1/2 mile from Costco, would I be soooo kind as to pick it up for her again?

Yes, yes I can do that. My sister is pregnant and working and I am neither so I'm happy to help.

And I actually do it this time! Driving straight there and everything.  

But then I go to Costco and forget the pictures.


(Actually, MEMORY FAIL)

Sometimes it's embarrassing being me.


  1. I adore you also, ...course I'm pretty sure you didn't get your multi tasking abilities from your father .

  2. this sounds so like me! I sometimes literally believe I could actually "forget my head if it was attached"! lol!!!