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Late night Friday photo dump


Scenes from the cell phone: supersized edition because I haven't done one in a while!
(okay perhaps I just missed one week, feels like a while though!)

Kendall looking grown up (too grown up!) and beautiful at a wedding we attended two weeks ago.

More peonies because JUST LOOK AT THEM!

Updating the kids' bathroom after stopping at Walmart for graduation cards and walking past this set.
Obviously I could not just leave them there on the shelf... they are perfect!

Sometimes... I cook real meals on the weekends. 

CCS field day was dubbed the Hawaiian olympics this year. Superfun day for all the kids!
(And the moms who help ;)

Jumping on the coconut oil bandwagon and using it to cook with instead of olive oil. Not too shabby!

One of my favorite easy lunches - avocado on toast. (It was a food picture-taking kind of week.)

Blake's last day of school was last Thursday but my older two got out yesterday so now it's official!


  1. Oh, that shower curtain and towels are awesome!! We use coconut oil a lot - no more vegetable oil in our house!

    1. So question: how do you use it in baking recipes when it's a solid... do you melt it first?

    2. I've started using coconut oil quite a bit over the last 6 months. It becomes a liquid at 75 (I think...or 76) degrees so it's not hard to use in baking.

  2. Kendall looks beautiful in that picture!
    Hope you all enjoy your Summer Break!