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Four on Friday - short stories with Jodi


(Because "Friday photo dump" sounded boring today.)

1. I spent something upwards of six hours outside doing yard work on Wednesday, with the help of my master-gardener mother, and all that labor was soooo rewarding! I didn't take many pictures yet because I still have to put down bark dust and pick up a few annuals, but trust me, things are looking much better around here, and I think we are finally recovered from SHEEPGATE 2013.

2. During the above mentioned gardening day, I spent a good 45 minutes removing a giant blackberry bush that had grown up in the middle of a photinia hedge lining our driveway and as you can see, I bear the scars from that awful battle. Blackberry bush: zero. Jodi: also zero.

3. Mum and I went grocery shopping last night (something I like to do in the summers so the kids can stay home with Russ) and as always, we had more fun than any two people should have grocery shopping together.
Quote of the night: Mum, after I asked if she wanted a coffee at the drive-thru, "No thanks, I just brushed my teeth. Well... I had a mint."
Compliment of the night: Random stranger in Winco to Mum, "Don't you look great for thirty-five! Oh, I hope that wasn't too awkward!"

4. Sometimes I just tell everyone to go clean their rooms. Sometimes I announce,"10 minute power clean... everyone, GO!" And sometimes I actually come up with a game plan, as seen above, and enlist everyone to work together, one room at a time. Gooooo, teamwork! Today's reward for an excellent job well done is a family swim at the local pool followed by a Sister Act 1 & 2 movie marathon tonight. (Plus, a clean house for the weekend, which is all the reward I need ;)

Hip Hooray for Friday!

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  1. You were awesomely productive the last few day! This should be in the awesome column of your Awesome and Awkward posts:)