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Memorial day lowdown


My sister informs me it's practically been a week since I blogged and that is NOT okay with her.  Oopsie daisy, holiday weekends have that effect! Sorry, single most devoted reader/blood relation!

(As if we didn't talk and/or see each other every single one of those days.)

But here are pictures! And they include our finished half-court that my husband is oh-so-happy with and wouldn't mind me showing off one teeny bit. :)

I give you: Memorial Weekend 2014.

We didn't have the best weather for pouring concrete, which happened on Thursday and Friday. Day 1 they did the first half and it was super hot, which meant the concrete set up really fast. Then on day 2 it drizzled rain the whole time! It could have gone horribly but thankfully my father-in-law used to own his own concrete business and Russ worked for him as a teen and together, along with a couple of friends, they were able to pull it off and still make it look awesome.

While we waited for it to cure we spent the rest of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday doing various activities such as: attending a friend's sleepover (Cooper), hiking into the Columbia Gorge for an overnight backpack trip with Grandma Wilson and a cousin (Kendall), working around the property and participating in a skeet shoot (Russ), napping, movie watching, reading, and playing (myself and Blake), attending my nephew's fourth birthday party (all of us), and having friends over for a barbecue.   

By Monday morning the concrete was ready to play on, and thus began one jillion games of horse (with the hoop lowered for Blake.) 

While Miley and I just enjoyed the sunshine and watched. 

After lunch we took the kids off to swim at a fun swim center in a neighboring town, stopping at Dairy Queen for treats afterwards. 

(Hello crazy tattoo eyebrows! Without a stitch of makeup on they are still a little "bold" ;) And yes, Blake has a black eye. The result of an accidental kamikaze kick from his brother on the trampoline!)

By 5:30 pm we were back home for more basketball, this time with Papa Wilson. 

And finally, what's Memorial Day without a BBQ? My parents joined us for barbecue chicken, grilled zucchini and baked beans. 

Easy and good. Just like our weekend. 


  1. What a beautiful weekend! Looks like tons of fun!

  2. That's right I AM the single most devoted reader AND regardless of whether we saw and/or talked to each other every day... I still need fresh reading material! The rest of your blog followers will thank me!! Thank you for posting... great pictures sis!!

  3. I am glad the rain went away and your family was able to enjoy the holiday!!
    What a great sister that you have how sweet is she. That made my heart smile.

    I am having a fashion party link up. I would love if you'd come join!!

    Happy Tuesday Pretty Girl!!