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Good morning, Friday! The photo dump


New bird house/giant telephone-pole post in my garden, because my husband loves me :)

Oregon is green, green, green right now! And warm! Perfect combo for just sitting outside in the evening and enjoying country life.

You're never too old to do your nails over coffee with your Nanna. Never.
I love her hands and the years and years of love they have given out to so many people. Especially me. 

Blake decided to write his name and age on his ruler, and then to make things clear, added "mioynoo".
(when I asked what that word was he answered: "it's says mine!")

Late night porch visitin' with the birthday girl, because what's a best friend if she doesn't show up unannounced at the front door, at 9 pm at night, to bring a card and gifts and stay for a lovely chat?
(Or maybe I just really wanted a mom break and for Russ to get the kids in bed after they were all wound up from ice cream at Wednesday night church... who knows.) 

Excited for blooming peonies in my garden. Peonies may be my very favorite. 

Did I mention the awesome warm weather we've been having? This picture was taken at 7:30 pm last night - enjoying a late dinner while looking at our newly formed basketball half-court that's going to be poured next weekend. 
Also: MY BOYS. Good grief.

And now it's time for weekend fun! On the agenda: date night, a wedding, and The Wizard of OZ musical theater. 
(May, you've been pretty awesome so far, carry on.)

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  1. Looking at Cooper I had to laugh, your uncle Matt and I used to do that a lot when we were, generation to generation ...and yay the peonies survived the lethal dose of round up...lucky for Russ ;D