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Friday photo dump


A quick glimpse at life lately.

Around the yard

snowies after school (because it felt like summer)

lunch dates at the park

Hay Day fun with auntie Sarah

caught snoozin'

caught camera stealin'

Subtle clue found in my kitchen that my kids want me to bake sugar cookies :)

grocery shopping partner in crime (who I totally bribed with Dutch Bros. to come with me ;)

Gold Rush marathonin'

Annndddd... I'm back in the saddle. Hello, old friend! Looking forward to change. 

Also looking forward to my weekend at the Oregon Coast starting in T - 2 hrs! 
Road trip! Girls weekend! Mother's Day shopping! My favorites have collided in a fabulous way :)

Happy weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I bribe my daughter to run errands with me too LOL
    Hope your enjoying your fabulous weekend :)