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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Waiting in line at the taco stand and overhearing one middle-aged man loudly remark to another: "that dress is confusing". Being as that I was the only one in a dress, and not 3 feet away, I couldn't help but answer with a smile: "Confusing?" The man's eyes met mine for a second and he responded: "yeah, sorry I can't even look at ya!"

And then there was nothing but awkward silence because I didn't really know what to do with that. Apologize? Assure him I was happy not to be looked at anyway?
^^The offending article^^
Stripes. They may cause you problems in life. Who knew?

- When your son gets a gruesome black eye a week before his kindergarten graduation.
^^accidental kick to the face by a sibling on the trampoline^^
Yes, it looks a lot better than this now, but it sure ain't gone yet! Drat it all.

- Realizing that every time you cook asparagus you post a picture on instagram to share your love of the vegetable with the world.
- Also... asparagus pee. It is a real thing, guys. A real pungent thing. (And it's worth it.)

- Dinner outside.

- Children outside. FOR HOURS.

- The return of So You Think You Can Dance just when every other show has ended until fall.

- End of school excitement and the promise of schedule-free summer days!

- Blooming peonies and the new studio+ app for making pictures even cooler.

- when your graduating kindergartner learns how to tie a ponytail and sets up a video shoot with your camera and tripod all on his own to record a tutorial. HILARIOUS.

- Listening on the outside of your daughter's bedroom door to see if she and her cousin staying the night are going to sleep like you instructed, and hearing them pray together. SO SWEET.


  1. That dress is have NO Fashion Sense!!!
    Poor boy's eye...bless his heart. That had to hurt so bad

  2. I really like that dress. So weird of them to be so bold and tell you to your face!