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Awkward and Awesome - it's Thursday!


- when your broken-armed 6-year-old blatantly disobeys his Grandma who's watching him and his two boy cousins, and climbs in her almost-empty swimming pool, fully clothed, and gets his cast wet.
- and then strips naked and runs around the front yard like a two-year-old hooligan. Oh boy.
Hmmmm, they don't look very guilty!
- when you get nervous about using the restroom in the very back nether-regions of your work office without first locking the front door when you're the only one there (you know, in case of ATTACK), and then come out to discover a male co-worker locked out, a co-worker you've never actually met before because you usually work alone, and for inexplicable reasons you introduce yourself by launching into the exact reason why the door was locked. OVERSHARE.
- when you call your sister at work to ask if you can stop by her empty house to pick up the waterproof cast covers she had previously offered you, and can't get a hold of her, but you're right by her house, so you stop anyway since you have a key, and while mid-rummage through her bathroom cupboard, you hear a tentative "is someone in my house?" called out, by your poor sister who drove home to get her cell phone she accidentally left there (which explains the unanswered calls), and walked into a home invasion.
- you should know that even when you are the bestest of friends and super close with a person, and have basically no boundaries with each other, it still looks very suspicious when you are caught unannounced rifling through their belongings. #lessonlearned.

- summer weather at the park in APRIL.

- 26 days of school left till summer break. Oh yes, this will be a weekly feature until school is out, my friend.
- this hilarious video from a Pastor in Washington. We have sooo many friends who have adopted children and these are all excellent points!

- And this blog post about what good moms are. Yes, good moms work at home, from home, away from home, home on the range, they breastfeed, they don't breastfeed, they feed themselves chocolate, YOU GET THE POINT. Be kind to each other and don't judge.

(Especially me, who ate 8 homemade cookies yesterday.)


  1. You're awesome Jod, And no one can do awkward and awesome better than you ... ( Michelle might come pretty close on some things though ;D ha ha ha

  2. least they were Homemade cookies!!! So you at least have that bit of good judgement going for ya! ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing! You are awesome! I have had an awkward week all week, wearing two different flip flops, forgetting what day it is and not taking my daughter to preschool, slicing my finger open, wearing my shirt inside out yesterday all day, the list goes on!! Xoxo

    1. And doesn't it just make you feel better when you hear you're not alone? Thanks for making me feel that way ;)

  4. I saw that video the other day and thought it was pretty good. Uh, poor Kelly! That would have been freaky!!

  5. Hehe! Your awkward's are cracking me up!!! :) You know what awkward thing that happened to me recently? My husband and I were in Seattle for 4 days to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We took a ferry to Bainbridge Island and it was super windy while I was trying to take photos. My skater dress totally flew right up. I patted it down and then looked behind me and there was a teenage boy with a big smirk on his face... nice! :P