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What I Wore Wednesday


It's been a really long time since I've mentioned why I do these Wednesday "what I wore" posts. It's not because I'm trying to be a fashion blogger, trust me! I wear mostly thrifted/inexpensive clothing, two thirds of which I've owned for years, and I'm hardly what you'd call cutting-edge. 

Yet I do like to feel cute and somewhat trendy, and the challenge of taking daily outfit pictures and posting them literally FORCES me to put forth the effort. Not just into getting dressed (ok, about 80% of my effort goes into that part) but into being creative with what I have and feeling good about myself because, yay, I'm not in sweatpants with a mom ponytail everyday! 

(Nothing wrong with the pony, mind you. Witness exhibit 1 & 5 below.)

No. 1
clothing exchange top, Silver jeans, Target leopard flats

No. 2 
Target dress, Fylo leggings, Matisse boots, Zulilly necklace (maybe. It was one of those daily deal websites, at least.)

No. 3
(Easter morning)
TJ Maxx top, clothing exchange skirt, Penny's heels

No. 4
(Easter afternoon)
Swapped my skirt and heels for Big Star jeans and Target sandals and added an Old Navy cropped sweater

No. 5
Old Navy cardy and blouse (both old), Silver jeans, Famous Footwear wedges

(No. 4 was my favorite this week)

Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy


  1. You have such lovely bright yellows and oranges in your wardrobe, great colours! I am visiting via the What I Wore Wednesday Linkup, P x

  2. I love #3 and #4 this week! I agree - taking pics of my clothes helps me a lot. Though, today when I looked at what I was wearing through the lens, it looked like a big box. Oh well, I'm comfy! Happy Wednesday!

  3. That chevron top is really cute! And I think ponytails can be quite pretty, actually! (Never mind that they're also really convenient!)

  4. I love the Easter skirt and top cute, and the Orange with the same top looks awesome too, actually like the navy blue top in #1 coz it looks nice and comfy. The yellow top is pretty, it will look even better when you get a tan :D Bring on Summer !!

  5. I love Number 3 and 4- Such a great transition from dressy to more casual!

  6. No 2 is my absolute favorite! That dress is amazing!