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What I Wore Wednesday


I'm on my mother's borrowed laptop this week because somebody (cough, cough, KENDALL) dropped mine on our hardwood floor last Tuesday and damaged the hard drive.

Yeah. Bummer.

While loading these pictures on my mother's laptop though, I discovered something... the color on her screen is waaaay different than mine (and not in a good way). Which leads me to wonder: is her color off, or was mine? And if mine was, have I been making my pictures look crazy-colored without knowing it when editing them all this time?

These are the questions keeping me up at night these days.

(That and, why are overalls coming back in style again? WHY?!)

No. 1
Target dress, Matisse boots, clothing exchange scarf

No. 2 
Maurice's shirt, Max Azria jeans, Matisse boots, old necklace

No. 3 
And this is what I wore at our Scrap Around the Clock event this past weekend: my scrap tee, Big Star jeans, and Uggs.

Last night I went to another clothing exchange hosted by my friends Beth and Joni. This time, instead of having it in one of our homes, we did it in the youth sanctuary at our church, and man, did the ladies come out of the woodwork! It was a clothing exchange on crack! 

And I know you can't tell what anything actually looks like in this picture, but I came home with: a pair of Caslon and a pair of Kenneth Cole dress pants, a cute gray pencil skirt, a Maurice's and a Target cardigan, a Jessica Simpson sweater, a Gap cropped peacoat, three pretty tops (love the navy one in front with the zipper down the back, and a gold cuff. For FREE, let me remind you.

I call that a score, ladies.

pleated poppy


  1. Hi Jodi. Nice to be back by your blog and see your Outfits. I really like that Striped Dress & the Royal Blue Blouse. I am starting a 30 for 30 challenge later today and I also included a Striped Dress in the mix. They are so versatile and every woman should own one in neutral colors.

    Happy Hump Day. Ada. =)

  2. Lucky Duck! I would love to do this. Maybe I should try it here... ;)

    1. Do it! Even with a handful of friends it's fun! My favorite thing is clean sweeping my closet and coming home with less than I took :)

  3. I LOVE clothing swaps! So much fun!!!

  4. Jodi-dear. I rarely see you in jeans and a t-shirt. I absolutely love that look on you! You are fabulous as always

  5. I agree with Therese , well not that I rarely see you in jeans, but that I love that look on you . Sorry I missed the clothing exchange, if anyone could do with something different it is surely you- know- who !

    1. Haha, this made me laugh out loud. Hey I didn’t say it!!! I’ll force you to the next one ;)

  6. great outfits! especially the striped dress and that blue top is super flattering on you!

  7. I so wish I lived in an area that did clothing exchanges. Such a cool idea :)

  8. Oh my, I keep meaning to do that with some friends but haven't made it to one yet. Looks awesome!