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What happened on Monday


Yesterday was just a regular Monday... with the usual Halverson mishaps/adventures involved.


Mishap #1
A month ago we heard about a local Royal Rangers group (think Christian Boy Scouts) that meets Monday nights, and decided to let Cooper sign up since he's not playing baseball this spring. The next week when he was supposed to go for the first time, we completely spaced it and forgot to take him. Big bummer.
The week after that, we remembered to take him but forgot to pick him up, until 5 minutes after the pick up time. Awkward.
So I put a handy alert in my phone to go off 10 minutes before the end time, (an alert that said, "go pick up Cooper!"), and last night it went off as scheduled. Which was my first clue that we'd forgot all about the meeting in the first place. AGAIN. Darn it! 

We are superstar parents.

Mishap #2
Blake, playing on my old android phone that I wiped clean and then loaded a few games onto for our road trip last month, managed to reconnect to my old AT&T account and make an in-app purchase of 4.99, without even knowing what he was doing. ("I can't read the words, Mom, so I just click-click-clicked!")

This led to a very frustrated half hour trying to disconnect from my account, block future purchases, etc. etc. which was ultimately a fruitless task and led to another half an hour on the phone with tech support. The bottom line is my old phone is now wiped clean again, and no longer holds a SIM card. The good news is that tech support credited back the charge Blake made and all I lost besides an hour of my time was the last of my supply of nerves for the day.

Well the short story is, as of 8 pm last night, we now have a 20 ft. fishing boat sitting in our backyard.

Yep, Russ has taken on another "fix & flip" project, this one to complete from start-to-finish with Cooper (hard-worker-in-training) so they can put a concrete slab and basketball hoop in front of our shop.

I understand if this is confusing news to you because we are already in the midst of a new front porch/deck project. OH I UNDERSTAND. The thing is, Russell can not say no to an opportunity to help a friend (a friend who wants someone else sell his boat for him), while making some extra income himself, and I can not say no to a husband who lays out a solid game plan with enough enthusiasm, optimism and overall excitement to beguile the hardest soul. (Not to mention the use of phrases such as "this will be a great learning experience for our son").

So you see, I practically had no choice.

Yep, just a regular ol' Monday ;)


  1. That's so funny about the in-app purchases. I wish there was a way to turn them off. Thankfully on Henry's iPod I think they're all password protected. Gah! I have had a friend or two have their kids order random stuff from Amazon though. Yikes!

  2. Really? A boat?? ONLY RUSSELL!!!!!! This made me laugh. But gosh-darn-it if he won't be able to pull it off in the most amazing way!! Now I'm just looking forward to the blog post where your children dress up and act out Noah on their brand new stage!!! It is April... it's bound to rain a lot!

  3. Enthusiasm & optimism. That is the epitome of Russell..or vice/versa!

  4. What time should I be at your house next Monday to take Cooper to Royal Rangers? ;) Love you, my friend.

    1. Ha! I am bound and determined never to forget again so now it's in my phone calendar every week AND in my alarms!

  5. I totally get the Superstar Parent status....I've really been living up to it these days. I seem to be forgetting everything!

    That boat project totally sounds like something my Husband would do.

  6. I cracked up at you forgetting Coop,'s just THAT easy to do ...was totally thrown for a loop with the boat, gosh darn it that Russ can talk himself in and out of anything...and it makes perfect sense !! It's a gift I tell you :D