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To whom it may concern


Dear PBS, apparently you started season 3 of Call the Midwife and failed to notify me personally. I only forgive you because, catch-up time! wooop!

and along those same lines...

Dear CW (the teeny bop channel), this is slightly embarrassing to admit, but I am highly addicted to your cute but campy show Hart of Dixie. Which I thought still aired on Monday nights and had just gone on a lengthy hiatus. Turns out checking TV Guide once in a while produces all kinds of surprises! Who knew you'd moved the show to a different night and I was almost a month behind?!  

Dear Kendall, congratulations on finding my Achilles heel to letting you stay up late: offering to play with my hair 10 minutes before you're supposed to go to bed. You know exactly what you're doing, I know exactly what you're doing, yet there we are, half an hour later and me practically purring at your feet while you french braid my hair for the tenth time in a row. Well played.

Dear husband, yesterday you drove all over the kingdom returning tables and other heavy items I borrowed for Scrap Around the Clock, and you never complained once. I like you. And your muscles.

Dear Mike and cousin Linley visiting New Zealand, I'm so excited you're finally there! I want updates, lots of updates! I need to know that Mike is immediately falling in love with every. single. thing. Also, if you choose to bring home a little chocolate to share with certain family members... it won't be taken amiss ;)

Dear forecast, finally! Some 70 degree weather around here! This calls for sandals and a dance party! Maybe a night off for the cook too... in celebration? (Always worth a shot.)

Dear in-laws, I am loving this new tradition of "first Sunday of the month" family dinners. Let's not stop! How else can we all laugh together at stupid YouTube video clips while also discussing politics, how to share pictures on dropbox, and whether the Midwest is a valid option for a romantic anniversary trip or not? (My gut says not, but what does it know? It won't even accept caffeine anymore, the wimp...)

Dear Cadbury cream eggs, WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU?


  1. Nom Nom Nom! Love those eggs!

  2. Pure caramelly goodness in it's finest form .. should NEVER be limited to once a year !!

  3. Best eaten in private. Seriously. One of the messiest delights from heaven.

  4. Dear Jodi, Thank you for starting a blog and being so consistent at it. I love it (and you!)

    1. Awwww, thank you and I love you too :)