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Ten on Tuesday: farming, fishing, and a touch of awkward


1. I didn't mean to skip blogging yesterday. What happened is that I was strong-armed gave into playing Hay Day this weekend after resisting it's siren call for at least two months, and lo-and-behold I am now a bona fide farmer who cares for little else besides harvesting crops and tending animals and the likes.

In other words, I've been busy playing a game on my phone.

2. And this is the part where I eat crow for making fun of many of my friends for the past few months for their addiction to the game. I get it.

3. Let the record show, however, that I did quit Candy Crush a over a month ago (after reaching level 425), and it is now dead to me. I can only obsess over one game at a time.

4. In real world news, we had a lovely weekend. Low-key, awesome weather, friends over Friday night and then dinner out at different friends' Saturday night, cards and qwirkle, church and naps, it was pretty perfect.
^^Dave, Kelly, and Qwirkle^^
5. Well, pretty perfect until late Sunday afternoon that is, when Blake hurt his arm playing basketball. We iced it for the evening and watched it all day yesterday and even though he says it's not really bothering him, it looks funny. Funny as in, we're off to get x-rays this morning.

6. This didn't stop him from going on his first salmon fishing trip yesterday though... Russ woke him up at the ungodly hour of 4:45 am to join Russ's buddy, Brian, and his son Brooks (age 4), on their boat in the Columbia River and they were gone until 4 pm in the afternoon. They returned happy and rosy-cheeked but sadly salmon-less.

7. Here is the point where I would normally show you several great photos of said trip, if only Russell had remembered to take any. SAD DAYS :(

8. Instead I will show you a pretty Spring picture I took out my car window while driving through my sister's neighborhood yesterday. I love gardens in the spring! (Just not mine with it's sole two tulips.)

9. In an update on the boat project, Russell has received 4 offers to purchase it so far, without actually advertising it yet or even beginning any work on it. I don't know how he does it but the man is gifted.

10. And last but not least, a helpful hint from yours truly, the ever-awkward Jodalamode: if you let your daughter babysit someone else's child for the evening in your own home, please remember that someone will be coming to pick that child up late at night, and you won't want to turn all the lights in your entire house off and go to bed, especially when you currently have no front porch and therefore no accessible front door. This will avoid the mortification of a timid knock-knocking at your unlit backdoor when you have no bra on. Or pants. 

Helpful, no? You're welcome :) 


  1. Haha - pants are totally overrated :)

  2. You are so funny! I'm only on level 165 on Candy Crush - can't believe you got so far!

    1. I probably played it for a year! Slow and steady... ;)

  3. You're playing Hay Day???!!! After the relentless mocking I saw on display just a couple weekends ago...eating crow indeed my dear sister!!! I bet Jana feels very pleased with herself!! Hope Blake is ok, Hayden is very concerned for him. Also, I know EXACTLY what garden that is - and I'm insanely jealous of their beautifully spreading alyssum - mine is still just a tiny little patch that refuses to grow. Sigh. I do love walking through the neighborhood and checking out everyone's yards this time of year. We might have to make it a thing when I need to walk this baby out in a couple months... you should jump on that train since it's the one time in your life you can walk faster than me ;)

    1. I am ridiculous, yes. And I DEFINITELY should jump on that walking with you train... it will probably be a perfect pace for me! ;)

  4. Hope his arm isn't hurt too bad. Kids sometimes have a really high pain tolerance

    1. Thanks, Angie, I'm happy to report it wasn't broken, just lightly sprained. Phew!