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Night school


For the next two weeks Kendall and Cooper are taking a hunter safety course through our state's department of fish and wildlife.

Little did I know when I accompanied them to their first class last night that Cooper would march straight up to the very center of the very front row, smack dab in front of the instructor, and motion me over to sit by him, for the next THREE HOURS STRAIGHT.

This of course ruined my plan to stealthily play on my phone in the back of the room the entire time, and I'm not going to say those three hours felt like purgatory... just that they felt CLOSE to purgatory.

The only thing that made me feel better was when Russ called as we were finally leaving at 9:00 pm to ask where the heck we were. I explained how long the class was and his reaction was: "It's that long every night? Oh my GOSH, what have we gotten ourselves into?!"

And to this I laughed because it's his turn tonight and sometimes nothing makes you feel better about a night spent in near-purgatory than sending your significant other straight into it next.

(Of course, my laughter was short-lived because I know Russ is going to absolutely love it and will probably stay an extra half hour afterwards talking about hunting even more because his love for the subject knows no bounds.)

Side note: I didn't take a picture last night so just now googled "ODFW hunter safety images" to see if there was something I could use in this post, because two days in a row with no pictures in my blog? Lame-o! Well what do I find right up near the top? A picture from their website of my brother-in-law, Tim, and nephew, Sam! Made me laugh.
Plus, now I don't even need to feel bad for swiping a pic from their site ;)    


  1. Yikes, I probably would die of boredom in that class. Your definitely a good sport :)

  2. Kudos to you for class sitting Jod, and great picture swipe. :D

  3. Hey, nice pic! I have to confess. Been a little busy and haven't followed your blog lately. I'm sorry! Cara asked me last week if I saw your blog and I said no. Then she said I should check it out and that is why I'm back again. I'll try to be more faithful. Don't hate me for my lack of blog discipline?

    1. Hahaha, oh Tim :) You reading my blog even once a month blesses me to pieces - so I'll happily take what I can get :)

  4. Hilarious! My husband and oldest son have been through that purgatory! They weren't sure if they were going to survive. :)