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Monday Confessional


Sometimes I sit down on the couch at night to write a blog post for the next day, and logging in to blogger leads me to catch up on several blogs I follow, which then leads me momentarily to Facebook (don't ask me how, it's all a blur now), from where I follow a link to a youtube documentary about human rights in Saudi Arabia, of all things, and the next thing I know I've watched three more incredibly interesting videos on the same subject, feel slightly more enlightened than I was an hour and a half ago, but am nowhere closer to actually writing a blog post than when I first sat down.

Is that called procrastinating?

I'm very, very good at it.


  1. Haha. Been there. Done that. But I'm now more enlightened about earwax removal. (Gross - how does that happen?!)

  2. I do that....OFTEN!!!
    I'm the Queen of Procrastination :)