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Friday photo dump


Reasons I'm so happy it's Friday:
- it's gorgeous outside!
- I'm sitting with a hot white mocha in my hands and it's delicious.
- it's not Thursday anymore, a day that was very long and tiring and was topped by the awesome event of me locking my keys, purse, and phone in my car and having to be rescued by my husband.

So yaaaay, Friday!

Beautiful tulips. Sadly, after our sheep escapades of last spring and summer, they are my ONLY two tulips that returned! 

When children melt butter in the microwave and leave it for you to find later in this hardened state. Nice.

Getting organized for grocery shopping last week...

and running into a friend to shop with once in town (yay for shopping buddies!)

Supporting our nephews' team... 

and supporting child labor! (Kendall is thankful it's a riding mower and not push. Can you imagine?!)

Free coffee from a beautiful friend at bible study...

and non-free but totally worth it shakes from Big Burger - YUM.

Also yum: VEGEMITE. 
(Apparently I'm in the minority in my preference between the two.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yay for Spring, but sad for having only two bulbs,fortunately they will multiply. I'll help you garden once the deck is finished ...maybe we'll find some other stuff :D

  2. Haha yes you are in the minority with the Vegemite vs. Marmite debate! Also, this post totally just reminded me how much I miss Marmite! The UK one is NOT the same! *sadface*

    1. It's not?! That's weird... and sad indeed!

  3. Definitely lots of reasons to be happy for Friday!