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Deck progress and a few other things


It's coming along! Russ never fails to impress me with his building skills. Of course, I'm impressed with my own panoramic shot, taken with my cell phone, so maybe I impress easily?

The workers:
Head builder: hard working. Confident and resourceful. Doesn't like to stop. A wee bit impatient with interrupters who just want to take a picture, for goodness sake. Completely offended if you ask skeptical questions when you obviously have no building knowledge at all. (It might not have helped that I then called him touchy and also perhaps suggested that his father come by for a spot inspection ;)

Assistant #1: a recruit, not a volunteer ;) Learning the ropes. Good attitude. Aims to please. Loves time with Dad but sighs with relief when he's released from duty!

Assistant #2: 100% volunteer. Gets distracted easily. Good at playing with dirt and misplacing tools. Happy to help, as long as it's not too heavy.

When the deck is done we'll put new porch posts up and cover the bottom half of them with stone of some sort... it's going to look great!

In other news, yesterday before school Cooper made me breakfast as a sweet surprise (such a lovely boy.) The real surprise was how much he thinks I must eat: he fixed me 3 eggs, a bowl of granola, a toasted english muffin with butter, AND a bagel with berry cream cheese.

Suffice it to say, it fed myself and all three kids quite nicely.

And completely unrelated and quite random: I read this blog post by Jen Hatmaker yesterday and inwardly felt great relief at someone so perfectly articulating my feelings about the subject. What subject, you may ask? Oh just gays and Christianity. You know, light fare! (I haven't read Jen's books and probably don't agree with everything she teaches but I do love her blog because I enjoy her humor so much, her adoption posts, and her thoughts on American Idol ;)

Speaking of which... time to go see who got the boot this week! (please not Alex!)


  1. You'll enjoy your deck so much.

    I was totally feeling the same way about Jen's post yesterday. It's like she took words from my husband and my car rides and spit them out.

  2. Jody...I read the Hatmaker link and it blessed my socks down....I will have to say "ditto" because I cannot speak like that..Wow!! I think you talk like her Sweetie. I'll see if I can make it up and "admire" Russ's handiwork this weekend. Love Pops.

    1. Thank you and I'm glad you liked it as much as I did! Yes, please do come "admire"... at your convenience of course ;)

  3. Love the deck! Russ is doing an incredible job and I'm so excited for the finished product and to see your big beautiful "rocked" posts up front... what an amazing transformation your little house has made since he bought it all those years ago! I loved the article too - printing it right now for GL&C because I know they'd enjoy it too! Loved the Good Samaritan analogy that she used!

  4. Jodi you cracked me up laughing through most of this post, first with the "builder", then the " volunteers " (no photos came up at first and I knew who you meant) then the mega breakfast, lol. Boy is trying so hard to be aproved of an ipod touch . Oh, and the panoramic came out awesome, have yet to read the link,but will check that next. :D

  5. That's how we feel about it, too! Such a relief to have Jen write what I'm thinking!

    And the deck rocks, btw!

  6. Wow that is quite a breakfast! :) And that deck! That is going to be amazing!

  7. That deck is going to be awesome! Good job Russ!