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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- When you post a picture on instagram of your friends wedding vow renewal and caption it as their "vowel renewal ceremony", which you actually typed on purpose because you miiiight have thought that's what it was called. Momentarily, of course.
- When you shake your Costco sized black pepper over the casserole you're making and the top pops off and a CUP of black pepper falls in your mixing bowl. No matter how much you scrape out, people are still going to sneeze while eating your dinner that night.
- When your husband, out planting trees along the neighbor's cattle fenceline in the pouring rain, leans his wet forehead against his metal shovel while simultaneously kneeling in a puddle, and accidentally hits the electric fence. Next thing he knows he's waking up flat on his back with bits of chipped teeth in his mouth. TRUE STORY.
- realizing that I secretly wish I could have videoed that.
- The amazingly short honeymoon period Blake had with his cast. Exactly 48 hours after getting it, Blake announced he was ready for it to be sawed off. And thus begins an agonizing month of daily reminders of how much longer he has to wait before he can bounce on the trampoline again. Le sigh.

- Dads who date their kids. Russ and Coop went out on a man date last week, and based on these pictures Russ sent me, I think Cooper gave the night a thumbs up.
Five Guys and Yogurt Shack after a movie... I'd give that a thumbs up too!
- Getting a raise at work totally out of the blue, yeah me!
- Brunch dates with my sisters-in-law and the fun of catching up group-style with two of my best friends.
- This guy. He makes life fun (self-electrocuting notwithstanding), and he cleans up pretty nicely!

- Only thirty or so school days left till summer break! Oh yeah, I'm TOTALLY counting down!


  1. You just have such funny stories sometimes! I cannot believe that about the fence! Ouch!

  2. Oh my gosh, that fence story was too much. I hated to laugh but I couldn't help myself. That would have definitely been video worthy!

  3. Oh poor Russ that must have really hurt ,so sorry, but Summer vacation...bring it on, I'm ready :D grandkids ahoy !!

  4. Electrocution??? Oh my gosh, I am freaking out right now!! I'm so glad he is ok!!