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Some random Thursday things


1. Last night Cooper announced that he knew what song he and his wife were going to walk back up the wedding aisle to after getting married; Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lewis. The first verse was in his piano book and he liked the words:
"You broke my will, oh what a thrill
Goodness gracious great balls of fire"

Now I ask you, what makes a 10-yr-old boy think, "wedding song possibility!" when hearing a new song? I don't know. He's an odd child.

2. It reminded me of one of my favorite Cooper quotes from a year or so ago: (after he had to share a sibling's cup) "if I get sick from these germs find me a wife and tell her I loved her!"

And while I'm on quotes, here's a recent one from my husband that had me in stitches: (upon hearing the word jubilee) "isn't that what they cook inside turkeys?" 

I believe the word you're looking for is giblets.
My family entertains me.

3. Monday was Blake's birthday so I let him pick what he wanted for dinner... meatless spaghetti and his own little plate of nachos. Well, you can't get much easier than that! I checked to make sure I had enough noodles, had Russ stop at the store on the way home from work to pick some up because no, I did not, and it wasn't till they were cooking in the pot that I realized I didn't have any spaghetti sauce.

Who checks their pantry for noodles and not sauce? That's the only two ingredients IN spaghetti! So one emergency run to the closest corner gas station store later, I was the proud owner of the most expensive jar of regular ol' Ragu you will ever come across in your life. (Five dollars and nineteen cents!)

My brain, I tell ya.

4. At 11:45 pm last night I decided I needed a facebook page plugin on my blog and by golly, I was going to figure out how to get it there. One hour, three YouTube tutorials, and 10+ tries later... we have a winner! It's over yonder this way ------->

Like me! wink, wink.

5. Last night was Kendall's first time on the youth praise team at youth group and she was soooo stoked.
My friend Sairaina took these pics and sent them to me afterwards and the ooey-gooey, proud mama feeling that washed over me... my goodness, it was over the top.

And a great way to end my day :)


  1. Proud moments all round..oh wait , " giblets " bahahahaha !

  2. Find me a wife and tell her I loved her- too cute!!!!
    Sounds like there isn't many dull moments at your house :)
    Those pictures, definitely worthy of a PROUD momma moment!!!

  3. There's so much to love about this post! Cooper and his strange wife obsession, Russell and his word confusions and then my precious little worship-leader-in-training!!! Great Thursday share sis!!