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Monday confessional - I need a do-over


This morning will not go down as one of my finer moments in brain-power history.

I blame it on a very sleep-deprived night of only 2 hours of sleep thanks to a little something I like to call heartburn, mixed with an ill-advised 3-hour-long Sunday afternoon nap. Blah.

Anyway, when Russ woke up to leave for work at 4:30 am I was wide awake to hear the news that his car battery was dead and he had to take my Pilot. Fine, no problem, I said. Then I promptly forgot all about it and finally managed to sleep for a couple of hours. My Mum came to pick up the kids for school as usual as Mondays are her swim day at the pool so it wasn't until I walked out the door at 9 am all ready for prayer group that I noticed my missing car and remembered where it was.

At this point I should have just walked back inside and climbed straight back into bed, except that I lead this particular prayer group, so I called my sister who works 3 minutes away from my house, and she kindly came and got me, drove back to work so I could drop her off, and let me take her car.

Next I drove to her empty house, where the prayer group actually meets, and it was when I pulled into the driveway that I realized my key to get IN her house was on my Pilot key chain... which was with Russ at his work.

Darn it!! Why hadn't I just climbed back in bed again?

So now I had to sit in the driveway to wait to see if anyone was going to show up (at which point I'd tell them I had to cancel) and I actually thanked the Lord when no one did (we're a small group so it happens sometimes.) After half an hour I abandoned ship and called my sister to laughingly admit my goof up. Her reply?

"Oh you could have got in my house, you had my garage door opener and could have just gone through the laundry room!"

Of course I could have. Why didn't I think of that? (among other things...)

Because my brain is running on fumes, folks. Pure fumes.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jodalicious , I just love your blog ...probably would not have thought of the "secret entrance" either ..this is probably why shopping together is so much fun xox