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Friday photo dump


It's Friday, but more importantly, it's the first day of Spring Break! Weeeeeee!

You know what this means: SLEEPING IN. It's my only Spring Break goal. Well, that and getting rid of at least half of the belongings in my boys' room. I've been threatening a Mom-controlled dung-out for weeks now and OH, IT IS HAPPENING.

Nothing will be sacred. NOTHING!

But back to sleeping in. The daylight savings time change hit me hard this year and what was really only an hour earlier wake-up time felt like three hours earlier. For at least a week. So I'm really looking forward to a little catch-up. So much so that when Jana asked me two days ago if I wanted to take the kids to the zoo today, my first question was: "what time would we be leaving?"

Thankfully, because Jana and I run on the same thought wavelength at all times, we aren't leaving until the blessed hour of 10:30 am. Yay, Zoo Day!

Wait. What am I here for again? Oh yes, the Friday photo dump...
^^Christine, Tricia, Michelle, Sam, Kelly, Shay, me, and Jana^^
Last weekend I joined the world of cool urban hipsters and attended my first painting session at Vine Gogh, an artist bar & studio. We were celebrating my sister's birthday and I'll tell you right now, this is a totally legit way to have the best girls night of your life. We ate out at Sweet Tomatoes first and ended our night with dessert at the Cheesecake Factory, and what more could you ask for? 

The instructor stood on a stage with a mic and painted/instructed as we followed along. Or tried to follow along. Let's just say I bequeathed my finished canvas to my daughter's bedroom wall. I want to go again soon though, it was really fun!

This poor darlin' came down with the stomach bug Monday night. I hung with her on the couch to kept her company, and also to encourage her not to waste any time in rushing to the bathroom when necessary. Puke cleanup is not my favorite. After a day home to recover on Tuesday she was back to normal and thankfully no one else has succumbed. Hallelujah. 

And now I present to you: the world's tiniest dog, which I saw in the McDonald's drive-thru line, because yes, sometimes I go to McDonald's just for their french fries (when I'm alone and there's no one to judge me/share with). This teeny-tiny thing was literally half the size of the door handle. 

Besides the sicky on the couch Monday night, this week was a most excellent week for two reasons: We had real spring weather, and Russell started our front deck project! I love project season! (otherwise known as the few months between basketball season and hunting season. Amen.)

In workout related news, Kristie and I tried out the Focus T25 program by Beachbody and didn't actually die. Sure, we felt like it at one point most of the way through, but we did it! High fives and lots of panting all around. (Kristie is my faithful workout buddy who meets with me twice a week. I love her.)

Kendall's Jamberried nails. She got this set for Christmas and since it's nearing April I decided I'd man up and give it a go. Well lo and behold, I didn't do half bad! Those things take a science, man. 

Next Monday I'll be sharing something I've been holding off on writing about for six long weeks... it's taken massive amounts of self-restraint and I'm excited to talk all about it! Until then, happy weekend!

(Perhaps I should preface that it has nothing to do with being pregnant. I'm not! Just thought I'd throw that out there ;)


  1. Jodi, I look forward to reading your blog on the daily! I'm super excited to hear your news. Happy spring breaking!

  2. I'm biased, but your blog is the absolute best there is. Very excited about the new deck project. Thumbs up on that !!

  3. are you sure that is a real dog? That was so tiny!