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Friday photo dump


From a couple weeks ago: balloon release celebrating little Ryan's life (with his favorite color, orange.)
It was so perfect, just look at that blue sky. Glad we got to be a part. 

The tragic occurrence that happened on the way home from our trip to Baker City - that's a cracked kindle and a no-longer-working screen! Waaaaahhhh!

The day after we returned from Baker was Blake's 6th birthday and I had nothing planned, so Russ stopped at the sporting goods store and picked him up what he'd been asking for for months (new basketball clothes and shoes), I fixed him his choice for dinner (spaghetti and nachos), and then we went out for fro-yo afterwards.
It was perfect :) 

A good sign it's time to mow the yard. Spring is in full swing over here!

And this one's straight from my instagram post:
"That moment when you get your period only 24 days into your cycle and feel extra affected by the crazytown hormones... and then while driving in the sunshine you search for your old sunglasses in the car console and discover the chocolate chips you hid on last week's roadtrip and forgot about. And you're like THANK YOU GOD. #girlproblems #keepingitreal"

I'm feeling better now :)

Our driveway prettied itself up right nicely!

The birthday cake I made Blake for his little party last night - which I'll blog about next week because it was just too fun. Back to the cake though... I had 10 minutes to decorate it and no game plan after the frosting. I opened the pantry looking for inspiration, saw the bag of peanut butter chips in my baking supplies and though hey, why not? Added a few chocolate sprinkles and called it a day. Brilliant.

Have a great weekend!

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