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Baker city 2014


Some may call it a basketball tournament. We call it VACATION, BABY!

There's something for everyone... a kajillion basketball games for my husband to enjoy, besides the ones he's actually coaching (his favorite thing of all); tons of friends & cousins for the kids to run free and take over our hotel with, plus swimming!; shopping, hanging with friends, and eating out for this mama; and general relaxation and rest for all.

We absolutely love it.

One of the players took this pic of Russ on the way home in the team van... while I was driving with the kids in our Pilot. I laughed, but then I was pretty jealous!
Our girls team drew a tough bracket: they had to play the number one ranked team in their very first game... and lost. The next morning they played again for the chance to move on into the consolation bracket, and lost by 1 in overtime - oh my goodness was that a heartbreaker! We were so very proud of them though, out of a total of 78 1A teams in Oregon, they came 7th! Huuuuge accomplishment.

Here's hoping we'll be back again next year :)