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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Sitting in the parking lot of the store you ran to "real quick" to pick up a missing dinner ingredient and getting sucked into the audiobook you had playing on your phone while you drove there, until next thing you know 20 minutes have passed and you've yet to enter the store. OOPS!
- The 3 minutes I just spent trying to highlight and delete a rogue dash in this blog post, only to discover it was a piece of lint on my screen. EMBARRASSING.
- posting yesterday's "what I wore wednesday" post a whole day early and not even realizing I was off a day until someone else told me so.
- noticing the photo bomber in this lovely picture I took of Russ's Grandma, who celebrated her 80th birthday this past weekend.

- cousins who are your kid's best friends

- and who don't mind being total goobs together ;)
- new deck progress
- and hard working husbands that can build them on their own.
- re-watching Ghost for the first time in probably 10 years... yep, still love it!
- being only 1 day away from our Spring Scrap Around the Clock - which is going to be bigger and better than ever this year! Lots of planning and hard work have gone into it and I can't wait to spend all day Friday and Saturday with a whole bunch of awesome ladies doing what we do best! (or maybe just what we like to do best ;)


  1. Great post! And Halversons are such hams for the camera. They come by it naturally! For Drew's senior picture board I am going to have plenty of "awkward" photos for him. He's seems to not have grown out of the weird pose phase!

    1. OH I have plenty more for you then.. he was on a roll that day!

  2. Haha! The lint thing made me laugh! :) My dad just turned 80 this month, too! What a blessing of long life! You are right about Ghost... I like rewatching every so often, too. :)

  3. Ha Ha- lint on your screen (that's just too funny)
    The deck looks like it's going to be super nice

  4. So excited that the deck has begun, it's going to be amazing. I love that Coopers two closest friends are his cousins...and how crazy they can be together. Boys will be boys ( and we do have an abundance of them )