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6 for 6 - a progressive party


Want to know a great last-minute birthday party idea for your 6-year-old that you didn't plan a party for until the day of his actual birthday?

(Or just a great birthday party idea in general for all you regular non-procrastinating, got-it-together people out there?)

Throw together an easy progressive party! Because Blake turned six I called it his "6 for 6 party". Six surprise stops to celebrate his 6th birthday.

Stop One:
Blake got to pick two friends to join our family on his surprise birthday adventure. His cousin Hayden started out with us from our house so stop #1 was picking up Blake's friend Chase and opening his present from her. Then we were off again!

Stop Two:
We pulled into Auntie Cara's house next and Blake got to open his present from his cousins and get hugs from everyone. Didn't take longer than 10 minutes. 

Stop Three: 
It's the movie theaters!

We saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman and ate our weight in theater popcorn. (Please excuse my violent appearing older son... him and Hayden thought they were hilarious with this pose. Boys.) 

Stop Four: 
Grandma and Grandpa Halverson's house for pizza and soda and another present! Plus little birthday treats for all the kids. We stayed for probably half an hour, gave goodbye hugs, and were off again...

(pizzas I picked up from Papa Murphy's earlier in the day and left in my mother-in-law's fridge so she could have them ready for us.) 

Stop Five: 
Grandma and Papa Wilson's house for cake and ice cream, goodie bags, and a couple more presents! Plus a special visit from Grandma Tracy - which elicited extra excitement.

(I also made the cake and brought it over with the strawberries and ice cream and treat bags earlier in the day.)

Stop Six: 
And the last stop was when we dropped Hayden off at home. We all went inside so Blake could open his present from Uncle Dave and Aunt Kelly. They got him a couple of cool basketball tees but the present he was most excited about was his very own hot sauce from his Uncle David! Believe it or not, it was his number one gift request (after trying it while staying with them for the weekend back in January), and boy was he excited about it! Funny kid :)

So basically we went to the movies and then drove around to family member's homes to open presents. And the kids LOVED IT! They were so excited to see what each stop would be and declared it the most fun day ever. 

While I patted myself on the back for getting out of decorating and hosting an actual party ;)

It was awesome. 

And this is a bonus pic just because it was the cutest :)


  1. Hayden has already informed me that he wants his next birthday party to be EXACTLY LIKE BLAKE'S! Ingenious idea sister!!!

  2. Love this idea, Jodi. Plus, with 100 nephews/nieces/grandkids in your extended family, it made it easy for everyone to celebrate Blake individually. Easy and fun. You're amazing, my dear friend.

    1. Thank you! This is high praise coming from one of the best party throwers I know!

  3. Yay you Jod ! Definitely a "God idea" .....Pictures were great , kids looked amazing ..Kendall and Chase very very cute .yes, I believe you have started something. ( I like it !!)

  4. SUPER cute idea! I'm totally going to do this next year for Zoe's 4th!

  5. Well, I agree with all of the above..and....I loved shopping for them! Surprised about the hot sauce!