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What I Wore Wednesday


This post is coming a bit late and only has a measly three outfits... including today's! 
A snow storm and consequential four days stuck home will do that to ya.

No. 1
(last Wednesday)
Costco sweater, H&M shirt, Gap jeans, Target wedge booties

No. 2 
(last Thursday)
Dress barn shirt, Target sweater, Big Star jeans, Ugg boots

No. 3 
Lush top, thrifted Banana Republic jeans, Ugg boots, gifted scarf

It felt good to get gussied up again after that many days of sweats and pony tails!
(Gussied up in the most casual sense possible of course, because yes, Uggs.)

pleated poppy


  1. Looking so cute!! And skinny! Are you losing again girlfriend?!? You look great!

    1. Thank you!! And no, not really, although I keep tryin'! :) It's definitely the goal this year!

  2. Cute Jod, ..I think casual sweats should feature some time..make us all feel like we can be cute while not dressed up ; )