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What I Wore Wednesday


In order of my favorite to least favorite, because that's just how I'm feeling this week.

No. 1
thrifted dress & belt, Target cardigan, Matisse boots from DSW Shoes

No. 2 
Thrfited jacket, Loft blouse, Target jeans, Matisse boots

No. 3 
TJ Maxx sweater, old Charlotte Russe dress, thrifted belt, No Nonsense fleece lined leggings (on my gosh. Awesome.), Matisse boots

No. 4 
TJ Maxx top, Old Navy scarf & green jacket, Big Star jeans, thrifted suede moccasins

And thrifting for the win! I wore something thrifted in every outfit, which makes me wonder why I haven't gone thriftstore shopping in months... I know there are clothing treasures out there just waiting to be found! 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by :)

pleated poppy


  1. You nailed it with #1! I love the trim in that cardigan.

    Patrice @

  2. #2 is my favorite too, but #3 is right behind it. ( I think we need to go on a thifting adventure. )

  3. I like all of them but the last actually looks super cute and comfy!

  4. That jacket on day 2 is adorable! Love all your looks.

  5. That black and white patterned dress from your first outfit is so pretty!! I can definitely see why it was your favorite this week!

  6. your dress and cardigan - so cute! I love the ruffle detail.

  7. love the cute dress and fleece leggings...? wonderful!

  8. I love a different piece from each outfit! So I'm imagining the polka dot top with the black and white cardigan for a little print mixing and the leggings...I just got a similar sweater and I love it! So comfortable.


  9. Well done on the thrifty wins!

    I love the dress in the first outfit.

    Corinne x